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From the sea of which they are the offspring and a stone’s throw from the heart of Valencia, the city which has engulfed them, extend the long streets, low-slung houses and infinite combination of shapes and colours that together make up a slice of the city with its own proud voice: El Cabanyal. A place for the free expression of people’s creativity, an architectural smile summed up in an uninhibited and light-filled Modernisme.

Valencia grew around its river, the now tamed and bloodless Túria, which tales of yore described as powerful. In any event, the sea was far off. Over the years, building expansion, civic norms and a spreading public transport network have gradually erased the distance that separated the proud city from the sprawling waterfront fishing village until well into the 19th (and even 20th) century. Finally, it was swallowed by the growing city in 1897.

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